Cloud Native Development


Cloud computing providers offer an increasing number of great services which are being used more and more by our today's applications. Docker has done an incredible job unifying development and production environments, but we think it is more a solution to package applications than a tool for developer workflows. Running your development environment in the cloud is the only way to have a truly unified experience from development to production. Other advantages are 100% repeatable environments, improved performance, payment as you go and company policies applied at the development level.

Language: Spanish

Level: Intermediate

Pablo Chico de Guzman

Founder & CTO - Okteto Inc

Docker, Cloud Computing and DevOps enthusiastic. I am currently Founder @Okteto, Inc and making my PostDoc in Service Orchestration @Imdea Software. Previously, I worked @Docker in the Docker Cloud project (formerly Tutum), a container platform to take full advantage of the amazing technology that Docker containers are. I also organized the Docker Madrid Meetup, a group of 3500 docker addicts that find Docker useful on their day to day business.

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