Intro to Fn Project: Open Source Serverless Computing


Serverless computing is one of the hottest trends in computing right now due to its simplicity and cost efficiency. Oracle recently open sourced a new project that enables developers to run their own Serverless infrastructure anywhere. The platform is container-native, enabling users to write functions in any programming language with excellent support for local development and testing. Fn even allows devs to “bring their own Dockerfile” such that ANY containerized code can be used as a function. This talk will cover the project in detail including a live demo.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Chad Arimura

VP Serverless - Oracle

I am a 3x entrepreneur, most recently as co-founder and CEO of where we grew a multi-million dollar ARR business helping pioneer serverless computing including some of the earliest usages of the term "serverless" in 2010. Sorry for that. We sold the company in 2017 and joined Oracle. I am now Vice President of Serverless at Oracle, currently leading The Fn Project, open source serverless FaaS platform and orchestration.

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