Better performance for component-based web apps


React, Vue.js and other component-based UI libraries are trendy these days. They improve developer ergonomics but can harm web performance with large bundles in SPAs. In this talk I will show how to use these libraries in combination with lazy-loading and code-splitting, so we get a performance boost on our sites.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

José Manuel Pérez Pérez

Solutions Engineer - Facebook

I am a Software Engineer who likes web development and performance optimization. I believe in the openness of the web and that everyone has the right to enjoy and access its content. I like working with companies to improve their sites, ensuring they load quickly regardless of device and network conditions. From the initial developing process to auditing and analysis. Currently I am working as a Technical Owner at Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden. Occasionally I speak at web conferences and meetups and work on side projects. I’m also a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies.

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