The evolution of the CTO’s role in the Digital Transformation’s era 

DATE: Friday, 30th November



For the first year in Madrid, Codemotion organizes a meeting dedicated to CTOs, CIOs and IT Managers. The CTO Meeting will be hosted during Codemotion Madrid.


The CTO Meeting starts at 3:30 pm

Toni Recio – Innovation and Technology Manager – Pasiona

Samuel Fuentes – Co-founder & CTO at OnTruck
Jorge Gomez Sancha – Chief Development Officer at CARTO
Isabel De la Morena – CTO and IoT innovation responsible at Grupo Detector
Franz Hassmann – Global Head@Security Squad en BBVA Next Technologies

4:30 pm
Q&A Time

5:00 pm
Closed-door Networking aperitif


What is the main objective of CTO Meeting? 

The aim of the Meeting is to create a moment to share some thoughts on the continuous evolution of the CTO’s role in the Digital Transformation’s era.

In the last couple of years,  people who have decisional power on technologies and strategies have been facing striking changes that are not just influencing their field, but also their daily activities and procedures. The Digital Transformation brings to a constant redefinition of the strategies and to a dynamic reformulation of the CTO’s role.

What is actually happening?

The actual situation and its repercussions will be presented from different points of view, creating a valuable debate and an enriching experience for our participants. Each Manager will illustrate the company’s experiments as well as their own challenges and strategic choices put into action in order to become more competitive.

The CTO Meeting is a private invitation-only event.