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Codemotion Madrid 2018 – VII edition

John and Brenda Romero Keynoters at Codemotion Madrid, on Nov. 30 Dec. 1, 2018
Kinépolis | Madrid

Announcing the seventh edition of Codemotion Madrid: the largest multitracks Tech Conference for software developers comes back to Madrid in November.
A brand new location and two amazing keynote speakers: John and Brenda Romero.

AI/Machine Learning, Reactive Programming, DevOps, Security, Javascript, Mobile, Big Data/cloud, Architectures & Game Dev are among the main topics of the Conference.



Around 1500 software developers and IT professionals are expected to attend the seventh edition of Codemotion Madrid, the international tech conference for software developers which will be held for the very first time in the fantastic location of Kinépolis, from November 30 to December 1.

Codemotion is expected to bring to Madrid around 100 renowned national and international speakers that will deliver their talks on DevOps, AI/Machine Learning, Reactive Programming, Cyber Security, JavaScript, Mobile, Big Data/Cloud, Game Dev, Frontend/Backend and Architectures and many more.

4 speakers already announced: John Romero, the creator of Doom, the iconic first-person shooter video game, Brenda Romero, the renowned American game designer and developer, David Cuartielles, the co-founder of Arduino, and José Manuel Pérez Pérez, Technical Product Owner at Spotify.

Sponsors & Recruiting

Codemotion itself poses as a great meeting point between those who are both seeking and offering job positions in the field of tech.

The best tech companies such as Cisco, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and many others have already supported Codemotion Conferences across Europe. Thanks to these partnerships Codemotion offers all the participants not only a unique possibility to learn about the latest technological solutions and the best practices but also an access to reserved open job positions.

Community & Networking

The top Tech Communities will be hosted in the “Community corner”, a special space for the most active communities in Spain.

Tech Communities, developers, architects, designers, makers, and startuppers: Codemotion is a unique opportunity for networking and exchange of ideas and passion.

The Codemotion People: this is the very heart of Codemotion, an event for the communities organized by the communities, that focuses on the coders and their needs.

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About Codemotion

Codemotion is one of the largest tech conferences for software developers in Europe with an international network of 570.000 developers and more than 3500 speakers.

It offers a unique opportunity to all visitors to gather new inspirations, energy and knowledge in combination with the chance to network and chat with fellow visitors passionate about coding.

Codemotion is open to all languages and technologies. We want to bring together top skilled developers who like to think out of the box and understand the intersections of technology and programming. The conference is designed to encourage visitors to dive into new subject areas and communities they may not get a chance to delve into on a regular basis.

Codemotion is also the tech startup that is building the largest community of developers, with the aim of becoming the reference point for developers in the world.